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Welcome to Rye Art Gallery

The Gallery is home to an inspiring display of regularly changing Contemporary art and craft for sale, a fine Permanent Collection of national and regional importance and a variety of supporting Events.

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We are housed in two integrated heritage buildings and are an independent Trust dating from 1957.  The Gallery is a registered Charity, answerable to the Charities Commission.  

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Monday-Saturday:  10.30am - 5,00pm

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In the section below, we feature some of the artists whose work is currently on show, usually supported by the Artist's Statement on their vision and how they work.  See the 'Exhibitions and Events' page for our mixed and named shows as well.


Oska Lappin

Gallery 4

Oska was born on the Pacific North West coast of America and spent the first ten years of her life submerged in the hippy counterculture.

Resurfacing, her formative years were spent in New England and East Coast cities.

Oska’s foremost influences come from comics, punk, Hitchcock, and German Expressionism. Her work is often described as being somewhere between George Grosz and Robert Crumb; hard bitten and dirty.

She bought a one way ticket to London and settled in Hackney in 1993 and has lived in St. Leonards on Sea for the past eight years which she finds to be a constant source of inspiration.

“My work conjoins the hard physical nature of woodcut with the flow and expression of the narrative. The constraints placed on the artist within this medium allows for a deliberate and meticulous approach that intensifies the final image and imbues the work with a tension that is suitable for the subject matter.

The challenge for me has been to create work that conveys my interest in repeated imagery and movement through forms of narrative structure that are not prohibited by the difficulties inherent in the woodcut.

‘I am particularly interested in the notion of personal histories- the mythologising of individual experience – and the idea that our personas are a construction of many influences that affect our lives.’

The effect that film has on our culture is paramount to my work and I am interested in the idea of the filmic imagination that surreptitiously replaces personal memories with freeze frame imagery.

Q MADE Julie O Sullivan High Res

Julie O'Sullivan

Gallery 1 & 3

Presenting a body of work in hand-built stoneware, shaped by the transient beauty of the Thames Estuary. A response to the ebb and flow of the tides, smoothing & unsettling, revealing and concealing a myriad of forms and found objects and fragments of history.

The guiding principle or philosophy behind Julie's work is not an intellectual scrutiny of objects but a sense-driven, textural communication, aiming to activate the senses through the sensuality of the form and the materials incorporated. The relationship between the forms is significant and the vessels are often arranged in small groups.

Originally from London, I'm now based on the south coast, an environment rich in contrasts and eccentricities and the inspiration for much in my work. My imagery is the product of an excellent grounding in traditional figurative art practice, and an interest in the strange and surreal.

My current work explores the surrealist nature of painting itself. I find the act of creating the illusion of space with paint increasingly curious. In my paintings, strange structures, pinned and pulled, interact with organic forms to create, intriguing, seductive and sometimes unnerving compositions. I like to conjure the sensation of believable form and space, and I arrange my subject matter like props on a stage to evoke a sense of order and purpose. I want to lure the viewer into a world that seems in some ways familiar, and then leave them to contemplate the logic of what I have created. My intention is not to depict reality but to nudge people to question and reconsider it.

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