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Oska Lappin

Oska was born on the Pacific North West coast of America and spent the first ten years of her life submerged in the hippy counterculture. Resurfacing, her formative years were spent in New England and East Coast cities.

Oska’s foremost influences come from comics, punk, Hitchcock, and German Expressionism. Her work is often described as being somewhere between George Grosz and Robert Crumb; hard-bitten and dirty. She bought a one-way ticket to London and settled in Hackney in 1993 and has lived in St. Leonards on Sea for the past eight years which she finds to be a constant source of inspiration.

“My work conjoins the hard physical nature of woodcut with the flow and expression of the narrative. The constraints placed on the artist within this medium allows for a deliberate and meticulous approach that intensifies the final image and imbues the work with a tension that is suitable for the subject matter. I am particularly interested in the notion of personal histories- the mythologising of individual experience – and the idea that our personas are a construction of many influences that affect our lives.

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