Collection News


ArtUK came to photograph some of our sculpture

Posted on Nov 7th 2018

Here is our Collection Manager, trustee Julian Day, with Dr Barbara Pezzini, ArtUK sculpture co-ordinator for the SE and Selina Levinson, Education Officer for ArtUK.

We assembled 20 qualifying sculptures from the Collection to be photographed for the national ArtUK database and website.
Julian is watching while the photographer sets up in Studio Gallery 6. See entry below.

In the background you can see children's work displayed in the exhibition of this year's Stormont Awards.

Julian And ArtUK Staff

ArtUK photographs Tony Bennett's 'Eyes Shut'

Posted on Nov 8th 2018

Here is the compelling ceramic, 'Eyes Shut' by Tony Bennett, being photographed by ArtUK photographer, Jaron James.

We found that our sculptures were being photographed from 4 or 5 different angles so that researchers can study the pieces in the round. This is why the back of the head is being recorded here.


Next in Turn - two more sculptures ready...

Posted on Nov 8th 2018

Julian with 2 more works.

'Standing Figure' by Joanna Hull is a strong semi-abstract work in wood and metal - the small metal head has 2 faces, looking either way.

Carol Masied's ceramic 'Cactus Form' is in two separate parts fitted together. Her sculptures are preceded by beautiful and exact drawings of natural forms.

Interestingly, both pieces are 98 cms in height.

Julian ArtUK Nov18 Lores

WEA Students plan an Exhibition

Posted on Oct 26th 2018

WEA students, Fran Mente and Jan Black, from a class at the Jerwood Gallery recently addressed by trustee Julian Day, visited to see some selected works from the Collection. These will be displayed in a curated exhibition by the group in January 2019.

One of the paintings chosen for a closer look was 'White Rock' by Rye artist Margaret Helen Barnard (1898 - 1992).

It is being displayed here on the ornate easel which belonged to Mary Stormont, founder of the Trust in 1957.

WEA Students With Barnard S White Rock Oct18

Fred Cuming's painting - 'The Buoy, Rye Harbour'

Posted on Oct 3rd 2018

Fred Cuming RA, who lives locally, has generously donated use of the image of his large oil painting 'The Buoy, Rye Harbour' to raise funds through the sale of cards for the new Rye Harbour Discovery Centre.

The Gallery owns this painting which is in our Permanent Collection.

It is currently on show in Studio Gallery 6 - selected for the 'Artists' Choice' exhibition curated by wild-life artist Robert Greenhalf SWLA RBA and award winning landscape photographer Peter Greenhalf ARPS AOP.

Fred Cuming The Buoy Rye Harbour

A new book on Sir Frank Short's Sussex by James Trollope

Posted on Sep 13th 2018

A meeting has been arranged with James Trollope, the writer, journalist, broadcaster and art collector.

Two of his recent illustrated books on the work of artists are 'Slater's Sussex - the Colour Woodcuts of Eric Slater' and 'The Colour Woodcuts of Arthur Rigden Read'.

James is just completing a book on Sir Frank Short's Sussex and contacted the Gallery to use two of the images from our extensive collection of Short's prints.

Here is one of them - the etching 'Rye Terrace, 1888' - the view from Hilder's Cliff towards Fishmarket Road, the Salts and accross the marsh.


Dr James Taylor researches painter Oswald Moser RI, ROI (1874 - 1953)

Posted on Aug 10th 2018

A recent visitor to the Collection was researcher and author Dr James Taylor FRSA, former Curator of the National Maritime Museum.

James curated the exciting exhibition "Dazzle: Disguise and Disruption in War and Art" at St Barbe Art Gallery, Lymington, currently on until 23rd September. This is all about the Dazzle Team of 1917-18 who designed abstract patterns on Britain's ships to confuse enemy submarines during WWI.

One of the artists was Oswald Moser, a young painter who had joined the Royal Navy, who worked with his wife on the scheme at the RA Schools.

We have 2 paintings by Moser in the Collection, one being a portrait of his wife, Mary Louise, shown here. See also the entry below.


Oswald Moser and Mary Louise working on Dazzle designs, 1917/18

Posted on Aug 10th 2018

Dr James Taylor (see entry above) has provided us with 2 photographs of artist Oswald Moser, this one including his wife, Mary Louise, whose portrait by her husband can be seen above.

They are in the ship model testing theatre at the RA Schools and while Oswald peers though a visual apparatus at the arrangement of painted model ships being tested on a painted sea-scape, Mary Louise is shown ready to rearrange the display. It appears that Oswald, who served as a Navy officer, is dressed in his uniform!

Many thanks indeed to Dr James Taylor for this fascinating glimpse into the life of one of our Collection artists.

Photo courtesy of Wilkinson Estate.

Oswald Moser And Wife Working On Dazzle Designs Lores

Two prints have been donated by Leighton House Museum, London

Posted on Aug 5th 2018

Leighton House Museum, past home of Frederick, Lord Leighton, PRA, (1830-1896) has de-accessioned two prints by Sir Frank Short, RA RI, PRE (1857-1945) from their Collection and has offered them to us. We have gladly accepted as they will enhance our already outstanding collection of prints by the artist.

One is an engraving and shows a rocky Rhine landscape and the other is a mezzotint of a river scene. We will be collecting them soon.

The image shows the exotic Arab Hall in Leighton's purpose-built studio house in Holland Park. The Museum is a beautiful and historic place to visit for it's Collection, architecture and interiors.

Leighton House Museum

A Folio Box of 75 Sussex Etchings donated by Edward Twohig RE

Posted on Jun 7th 2018

The Collection has been presented with a custom-made portfolio box of 75 drypoint etchings celebrating Sussex, by Edward Twohig RE. We are deeply grateful for this spectacular donation.

Edward was our recent speaker at a Gallery illustrated talk on the original prints of Sir Frank Short RA, RI, PRE. We have 55 of Short's prints in the Collection - a unique bequest by his daughter Dorothy.

Edward was one of the instigators and curators of the April-May exhibition 'Print REbels' at Bankside Gallery, London, which is now travelling around the country. This exhibition celebrates the 200th anniversary of the founder of the Royal Society of Painter Printmakers (RE), Sir Francis Seymour Haden, and shows the work of RE members past and present.

Edward's prints are lively images of the natural landscapes of Sussex and we can't wait to study and share them.

Edward Twohig RE With Portfolio Jun18 Lores

A glowing red painting - 'Rouge' by Nicholas Archer

Posted on May 29th 2018

We have accepted a painting generously offered to the Collection by artist Nick Archer. It met all the criteria specified in our Collection Development Policy and we are most grateful to have this example of work by a prize-winning artist of local and international stature.

The image is mysterious and seems a dream-like glimpse into a scene unexplained. The colours are sprayed and layered on and are a dramatic mix of reds, black and green. The support is a heavy, smooth copper sheet.


Giovanni Piranesi and Henry James at Lamb House, Rye

Posted on Apr 6th 2018

We were delighted to welcome Dr Jerzy Kierkuc-Bielinsky to see the nine works by Piranesi (1720 - 1778) in the Collection.

Jerzy is the National Trust's Curator for London and the South East and is researching the pictures, furniture and decor of Lamb House for its restoration by the NT as the home of various writers, including Henry James and EF Benson.

Our Piranesi engravings were originally owned by James, passed on to EF Benson and later bought by artists Robert McKechnie and Margaret Barnard who bequeathed them to the Gallery.

We looked at some photos showing the Piranesi prints hung in Lamb House hall during Henry James' time.

They will all be on show in Studio Gallery 6 next month.