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'Winter Lane' By Neil Meacher RI (1934-2010)

Posted on Jun 27th 2019

'Winter Lane' in pencil and watercolour depicts a dark skewed view of Rye. It has been generously donated anonymously to the permanent collections of Rye Art Gallery. This work will be featured with many other representations of Rye and the surounding areas in our next new exhibition, "Postcards From Rye” that runs from the 3rd of August, through to the 29th of September, in the Stormont Studio gallery.

Commenting on behalf of the Rye Art Gallery Trust, Collections Curator Julian Day said: "We are grateful and delighted to add this fine example of the artist’s work. Neil Meacher was a well known distinguished local artist and I am looking forward to showing his work to the public from Rye and beyond”.

IMG 5186

"The Gaze" - Stormont Studio Gallery Exhibition

Posted on Apr 8th 2019

The term ‘male gaze’ has been a subject of much debate by visual culture theorists, in the 1970’s the term the ‘male gaze’ was extensively used as an ideological basis of patriarchy, socio-political inequality by which male created institutions determined what is natural and normal in society.

This photo image (circa. 1920) is from our ‘Stormont Photographic archive. Howard and Mary Stormont created these pictures in this Studio, as the Rye Art Gallery was originally where they both lived and worked. The artist's model used for these works is unknown. Someone in Rye may possibly know who she is ? We would love to know!

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Patterns of Inspiration

Posted on Mar 26th 2019

Weaving Looms displayed in the Stormont Studio as a part of our Patterns of Inspiration exhibition. A creative collaboration between Rye Art Gallery and Romney Tweed weaving experts demonstrated craft skills in design and making of tweed from the yarn of Romney Sheep.

IMG 5353

Eyes Shut 2005 with the artist Tony Bennett

Posted on Jan 15th 2019

The artist Tony Bennett is pictured here with his ceramic piece called 'Eyes Shut’ (2005). The preview for the RE:COLLECTION exhibition attracted some artists too! Tony’s work had been selected for display from our permanent collections by WEA (Workers Education Association) art study group, from Jerwood Hastings.

This exhibition of works all selected from our Rye Art Gallery Permanent Collection runs until the 24 February in the Stormont Studio, admission is FREE.

Tony Bennett Eyes Shut

"Late Sun" has been donated by Keith Purser

Posted on Nov 22nd 2018

Keith has donated one of his paintings to the Gallery Collection. We are especially thrilled to receive this fine example of his work as he has been exhibiting and selling with us, as well as around the UK, for many years. We are always proud to show him.

The artist lives at Dungeness, which is a mysterious and unique land and sea area - the largest shingle bank in Europe. His work is a distillation of the colours and forms of land, sky and sea, approaching abstraction and yet serenely recognisable.
Also see below for a detail.

IMG 0303

A detail from "Late Sun"

Posted on Nov 22nd 2018

As "Late Sun" is currently behind glass, it is difficult to see the brushy texture of the paint in the above photo which had to be taken at an angle to avoid reflection.

So here is a detail showing the atmospheric paintwork around the sun as it sinks towards the sea.

Keith Purser Detail From Late Sun 2018

ArtUK came to photograph some of our sculpture

Posted on Nov 7th 2018

Here is our Collection Manager, trustee Julian Day, with Dr Barbara Pezzini, ArtUK sculpture co-ordinator for the SE and Selina Levinson, Education Officer for ArtUK.

We assembled 20 qualifying sculptures from the Collection to be photographed for the national ArtUK database and website.
Julian is watching while the photographer sets up in Studio Gallery 6. See entry below.

In the background you can see children's work displayed in the exhibition of this year's Stormont Awards.

Julian And ArtUK Staff

ArtUK photographs Tony Bennett's 'Eyes Shut'

Posted on Nov 8th 2018

Here is the compelling ceramic, 'Eyes Shut' by Tony Bennett, being photographed by ArtUK photographer, Jaron James.

We found that our sculptures were being photographed from 4 or 5 different angles so that researchers can study the pieces in the round. This is why the back of the head is being recorded here.


Next in Turn - two more sculptures ready...

Posted on Nov 8th 2018

Julian with 2 more works.

'Standing Figure' by Joanna Hull is a strong semi-abstract work in wood and metal - the small metal head has 2 faces, looking either way.

Carol Masied's ceramic 'Cactus Form' is in two separate parts fitted together. Her sculptures are preceded by beautiful and exact drawings of natural forms.

Interestingly, both pieces are 98 cms in height.

Julian ArtUK Nov18 Lores

WEA Students plan an Exhibition

Posted on Oct 26th 2018

WEA students, Fran Mente and Jan Black, from a class at the Jerwood Gallery recently addressed by trustee Julian Day, visited to see some selected works from the Collection. These will be displayed in a curated exhibition by the group in January 2019.

One of the paintings chosen for a closer look was 'White Rock' by Rye artist Margaret Helen Barnard (1898 - 1992).

It is being displayed here on the ornate easel which belonged to Mary Stormont, founder of the Trust in 1957.

WEA Students With Barnard S White Rock Oct18