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Robert Sample has exhibited extensively in London as well as the continent. Robert’s paintings explore a world that has strong visual references to earlier masters and styles, yet is very rooted in the present, combining dynamic elements of street art with contrasting traditional techniques.

Working on sheets of industrial ply he uses a mixture of oil paint, gesso and stencils along with spray paint and other household products. Robert paints flesh, fat, skin, bone and muscle and in the application of paint he is less concerned with realism and more with effect.

In his work Sample explores humanity in its extremes; he focuses our attention on that which is often overlooked. He encourages the viewer to create their own narrative, allowing the work to be viewed subjectively and touching on day to day human emotion and experiences.
Sample urges the viewer to look deeper into the absurdities and beauty of human nature.


Other People

15 January – 21 March: Gallery 6

Permanent Collection

An exhibition of portraits and figures including some very fine examples of painting and draftsmanship from different eras and in a variety of styles.

Pictured - 'Profile of a Young Man', c.1919, a drawing in graphite by Margaret Barnard (1898 - 1992) made while she was a student at Glasgow School of Art.

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Ticket to Rye

25 March – 23 April: Gallery 3

Take a trip through Richard Adams’s whimsical and enchanting pastel works on paper.

Come and enjoy this popular and much anticipated bi-annual show with its Joie de vivre, humour and sheer delight of a bucolic life.
Not to be missed.

PRIVATE VIEW: Saturday 25th March 11am - 1pm.

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The Society returns to Rye Art Gallery in this varied and innovative show. Local artists of both of national and international reputation demonstrate a mix of skills and disciplines. This is where to come and see the best work from the Rye area. The Society’s shows are a highlight in the Artistic Calendar.

PRIVATE VIEW: Saturday 25th March, 4 - 6pm.

Katherine Reekie pictured

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Drawings from the Collection

25 March – 9 May: Gallery 6

A selection of drawings in different media. Charcoal, ink, pencil and paint.

The still life shown is by Angie Braven, Royal Academy exhibitor and long-time member of Rye Society of Artists.

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