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GALLERY 6 and stairs

Rye Art Gallery’s annual event showcasing our local students' recent G.C.S.E. work.


Come and see this wonderfully energetic and creative outpouring. We are continuously impressed by this particular school's creative output. Guaranteed not to disappoint.

Tyler Williamson pictured - decode the image...

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Hildegard Pax & Rhoda K Baker

16th September - 07 October

Gallery 3

Hildegard’s artworks have qualities of reflection, refraction, opacity and translucency. In the assemblages of glass, the artist strives to ‘make the Invisible Visible’ and to create unexpected temporal beauty and ethereal colour fields.

Rhoda’s ‘paperscapes’ are predominantly white, low relief multi-layered contoured maps of pattern and structure. They are geometrically abstract and systematic, but also spontaneous and intuitive,exploring ideas about rhythm, sequence, repetition, light and space.

These structures benefit from directional lighting, which emphasises the shadows and depth.

HPax Tumbling VII Glass 40x40cm Small

RYE ARTS FESTIVAL EVENT A talk by Fiona Graham-Mackay - Portrait Painter

20th September 2017, 6.00pm at Rye Art Gallery

Fiona is a British painter known for her portraits of the Royal family and of contemporary figures in the Arts, such as poets Seamus Heaney and Andrew Motion, Ed Watson at the Royal Ballet and the actor Juliet Stevenson.

Her talk will be on the making of her recent series of BBC Radio 4 programmes and she will discuss ideas of creativity - what do the poet, the painter, dancer, actor, musician have in common?

Tickets are £10 each available through the Festival Box Office, 01797 224442, on the Festival website and in person at Phillips and Stubbs, Estate Agents in Cinque Ports Street, Rye

Fiona Graham Mackay

ARTISTS' CHOICE from the Permanent Collection

04 September – 15 October

Gallery 6

Popular local artists Louis Turpin and Davida Smith
select an exciting mix to show from the Permanent Collection. We can't wait to see what they choose!

As a painter, Louis is famous for his landscapes, gardens, portraits and characterful Marsh sheep. Davida is a print-maker, floating cool semi-abstract scenes onto paper. They have great depth, calm and often feature an intensity of blue.

A detail from 'Channel Crossing' by Mick Rooney, RA, is pictured.

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