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15 January - 24 February 2019

Stormont Studio Gallery 6 - FREE ENTRY

This exhibition has been curated by the Workers’ Education Association students at Jerwood Gallery in Hastings. They have been given access to the Rye Art Gallery collection, which has objects dating from the 17th Century to the contemporary.

Hastings and Rye has a long tradition of a vibrant art scene, many artists have moved to and live in this area. Some of these individuals have been highly influential and have been included in this exhibition. A larger than life personality was Kitty French who taught for many years at the local school in Rye. Other artists that have been selected are well known, such as James Abbott McNeil Whistler and Jacob Epstein.

The Workers’ Education Association (WEA) was founded in 1903; it is a charity that is dedicated to bringing high-quality, professional education into the heart of communities.

The group would like to thank Rye Art Gallery and Jerwood Gallery for all their time, support and generosity with this project.

Pictured: ‘Fairlight’ By Kenneth Townsend (2001).

Townsend Kenneth Fairlight

Patterns of inspiration

28 February - 24 March

Stormont Studio Gallery 6

Romney Tweed in collaboration with Rye Art Gallery stages an exhibition of textiles and artwork which draws inspiration from Romney Marsh through to the beaches of Dungeness.
Rye Art Gallery has a fine collection of artwork, historic oil paintings, water colours, prints and etchings that feature pastoral scenes of Romney Marsh as well as contemporary landscapes
inspired by the settings
and beaches of Dungeness. There is a wonderful synergy that exists between the creation of artwork and the designs of fabric from the natural environments that are presented in this unique exhibition.
Romney Tweed is a community interest company whose vocation is to set
up production of premium quality cloth from the wool of
Romney (or Kent) sheep. This tweed will be designed for both men’s and women’s clothing and furnishing fabrics, thus creating new economic activity in an area of deprivation. The exhibition will show selected artworks from our Permanent Collection to complement this inspiring initiative.

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The Gaze

26 March - 24 April

Stormont Studio Gallery 6. FREE ADMISSION

Paintings, etchings and drawings representing the nude are drawn from our Permanent Collections:

Artists' work selected by our Collections Curator Julian Day includes:

Margaret Barnard
John Bratby
Edward Burra
Duncan Grant (pictured)
Diana Low
Robert Mackechnie
Jame McNeill Whistler

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Richard Adams {Rye On The Wall}

6 April - 5 May

Gallery 3

“Rye is such a source of inspiration to me that ideas for pictures come thick and fast.
I nip out for a sandwich and see something that will go in a picture!
I’ve had loads of ideas over the past years some
of which I’ve held back for fear of losing people’s interest if I race ahead too much.
I feel now is the time to throw caution to the wind and do a few of the pictures I’ve always wanted to do.
I’m sure some people will feel its the ‘same old same old’ but I’m looking forward to turning up my personal ‘Radical Dial’
to 3 and, once again,
put Rye (kicking and screaming) on the Wall.”

Adams 2019

Rye Society of Artists Spring Show {Light to Shade}

6 April - 5 May

Gallery 6

The Rye Society of Artists was established
in 1951 and currently includes around 40 members all working from within a 15 mile radius of Rye. In this exhibition the subject of light and dark interplay are explored.
Step into the light or retreat into the darkness, wherever your mood takes you. The art works include, photography, sculpture, ceramics, prints and paintings from standing members.

Duffy Rsa


27 April – 12 May

Stormont Studio Gallery 6

Former editor and publisher Susan Benn was a photographer and publishing consultant to the historic Hulton archive in the 80s and 90s.
Some of her work from this period along with current projects will be shown in Rye for the first time.

During the show there will be a special screening of the film SILVER FOOTPRINT about the work of the acclaimed photographic printer ROBIN BELL who now lives and works in St Leonards. Robin will join us for a Q&A after the screening.
Robin has worked both as a fine art
and travel photographer and black and white printer. After learning his craft with leading printers in the 70’s and early 80’s he opened his own studio at Chelsea Wharf in 1983 where his client list included all the great photographers, museums, quality broadsheets and magazines.
Robin’s retrospective film ‘Silver Footprint’ and accompanying book highlights his passion for and understanding of the importance of the silver gelatine print in the visual arts past and present.
Contact the Gallery for further info on the date.

S Benn

Artists Draw

16 May - 30 June

Galleries 1- 5

To complement the works being shown in the commercial Galleries, the Director will select from her favourite drawings held in our Permanent Collections

M Barnard

Drawing Now

1 June - 30 June

Gallery 3

This selling exhibition aims to look at the practice
of drawing across the spectrum, from a broad range of artists working at the present time within
this discipline, either solely or as part of their practice.
Some of the artists featured are Royal Academicians; some are young artists who have shown with the Jerwood drawing prize exhibition, others include illustrators, comic book artists and gallery artists.

This will be a stimulating and educational show that may just inspire you to pick up a pencil and start sketching.

Drawing Now