Exhibitions & Events

Celia Allen for 'Miniatures and Masterstrokes'

December 2020 into 2021

Gallery 4 and this piece has also featured in our front window

Celia studied at Hammersmith College of Art, London. Her ceramic pieces are either stoneware or raku fired which carbonises the fired clay body.

She has an affinity with the natural world and specialises in animal sculptures. Celia says she is particularly fond of the hare which has mythical status and features in the stories of many nations.

Celia Allen Sitting Hare

Emma Turpin - 'Autumn Trees' for the 'Miniatures and Masterstrokes' exhibition

December 2020 into 2021

Gallery 4

The colour impact of this painting and the clear shapes are what make this piece stand out and hold our attention.

It is for sale at £400

Emma Turpin Autumn Trees

Katherine Reekie for 'Miniatures and Masterstrokes'

December 2020 into 2021

Gallery 4

You will find intriguing work by Katherine Reekie included in the exhibition. Her detailed paintings are figurative and show believable forms in space. However, they demonstrate her interest in the strange and surreal.

She writes "Like props on a stage I arrange my subject matter to evoke a sense of order and purpose". But you will find that these are images and juxtapositions which have never been seen before.

Katherine trained at Camberwell School of Art, London, and completed her teaching qualification in art at Goldsmiths College, London.

Katherine Reekie

Tom Marsh - 'Places'

December 2020 into 2021

Gallery 1

This gem of an exhibition presents the work of a painter who revels in the ordinary scenes around us including in Rye and Rye Harbour.

Tom is showing scenes of of our buildings, townscape, harbour, boats and quirky corners and viewpoints that are familiar and yet unfamiliar in the attention and perspective he gives them.

Tom Marsh Exh Oct20

Tom Marsh - 'Places'

December 2020 into 2021

Gallery 1

This is 'Rye Town Chimneys from Rope Walk', oil on board. The painting is of height 54 x width 54 cms.

The price is £925.

Tom Marsh Rye Town Chimneys From Rope Walk

Tom Marsh - 'Places'

December 2020 into 2021

Gallery 1

This is one of Tom's local landscapes.

It is 'Mid-day Sun, River Rother' an oil on board with a width of 44 cms.

The price is £475.00

Tom Marsh Mid Day Sun River Rother

'Ken Townsend - Empirical Windows' exhibition, works for sale

December 2020 into 2021

Gallery 3

This is a retrospective exhibition of work by local artist and designer Ken Townsend (1931 - 1999) which has been curated in conjunction with Ken's family.

Ken studied at Hastings College and at Central School of Art and Design, London. His designs were taken up by Hornsey Pottery, Liberty and Pilkington Glass.

This is a rare chance to buy from his remaining Studio collection. The proceeds will be shared jointly between the family and RAG to support the Trust in looking after its historic buildings and Permanent Collection.

This colourful oil on canvas is 'Table, Aigaliers' at £1,800.

Ken Townsend Table Aigaliers Oil

Bernard McGuigan, sculpture

December 2020 into 2021


This piece is entitled 'Man'.
It is carved out of Portland Stone and is mounted on a hardwood plinth.

Bernard was formerly an associate of the Royal Society of British Sculptors. He exhibits widely, including at the RA Summer Exhibitions. He carves directly into the stone and his work is in a variety of stone - sandstone of different colours, limestone, red and white alabaster, Italian slate.

We hold both abstact and figurative works. Placed as a timeless piece it can be a compelling addition to your collection.

For sale at £2,500

Bernard McGuigan Man

Fred Cuming RA

December 2020 into 2021

Gallery 5

We have three atmospheric paintings for sale by much loved artist, Fred Cuming RA, who is a real focus for collectors.

They are shown here at top right and the two lower pictures. The larger one, bottom left, is at £6,600 and the two on the right are each £4,200.

On the opposite wall we have hung a major piece in the Permanent Collection - 'The Buoy at Rye Harbour'. We were delighted to have a recent visit from Fred to inspect the hang in our small and intimate Gallery 5 space.

Fred Cuming Top Right And Bottom 2.

Clare Mitchell - 'Early Summer'

December 2020 into 2021


This small gem of an oil painting will remind you of every deserted summer beach you have ever discovered - escapism at its best!

Clare is a landscape artist. She trained at Hastings, has a background in stained glass-making and now paints the changing light, tides, skies and weather in the Sussex landscapes around her.

Priced at £350

Claire Mitchell

Keith Purser, four paintings of the sea

December 2020 into 2021


Here are works by Keith Purser, a long-tem Gallery favourite, and an artist who perfectly captures the vagaries of the sea on our doorstep here on the South Coast.

Keith works in paint but there are often 3-dimensional moments in his paintings - the frothy impasto of waves, the cut-out addition of wood or card slivers where cliffs or rocks protrude. He records them as being 'mixed media' while the casual observer might just see them as 'paintings'.

In the foreground is a stone sculpture by Bernard McGuigan, one of several, also for sale.

Keith Purser 4 Paintings 2020