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As the 'Friends of Rye Art Gallery', a separate Charity, has recently closed (see below), the Trustees will be consulting this autumn 2017 with all those interested in resurrecting a group of 'Subscribers'.  Historically the Subscribers were a support group recognised by the original Trust Deed and when the Friends were formed, they became redundant.  

We have been creating a New Mailing List of those interested in future developments at the Gallery and this includes those interested in helping us start and develop this group.  Our first letter is out this month to those of you already on the list.

We will next be sending details of our consultation in order that we design a scheme which benefits both supporters and the Gallery.  We are currently assembling our Events list for next year and it is likely that Subscribers will benefit from this programme.  Historically the Subscribers have also been able to elect one Trustee to the Board and this practice can be enabled. 

This is a new Mailing List, so please contact us to be added to it - it is not identical with our Client and Artist mailing lists or with the former Friends' Membership list, although of course there will be overlap - so please specify that you wish to be placed on the New List.  We look forward to hearing from you! 


We hope to increase the level of sponsorship for aspects of the Gallery programme.  We are currently discussing a scheme of commercial, institutional and private sponsorship where the benefits will be of advantage to both Sponsor and Gallery.

Do please contact the Chair of Trustees at the Gallery where your interest and ideas for partnership will be warmly welcomed.  Sponsorship might take the shape of once-off contribution for the hanging and preview refreshments of a particular exhibition, with associated publicity, or a longer-term partnership with mutual benefits. 


All financial donations to the Rye Art Gallery Trust are most welcome and will enable us to better fulfill the aims of the Trust.  (You can find out more about the Gallery on the 'About Us' page.)

Our complex historic building in particular needs a great deal of regular upkeep, repair and maintenance.  Some of the items in our Collection require expert conservation - this might be restoration, repair, mounting, framing or glazing, all to Museum standard.

We have Donation boxes in the Gallery but we also welcome gifts via bank transfer and cheque.  If you are able to gift-aid your donation, it adds around 20% to the amount and is much appreciated.


For all sorts of reasons, both cultural and financial, you might like to make a bequest to Rye Art Gallery Trust, which is a Charity.  This might be in the form of a financial legacy or, for example, a work of art for the Collection.


If you are considering the donation or bequest of a work of art, this would need to comply with our Collection Development Policy which focuses on 19th-21st century British Art.  The piece could be given in memory of yourself and/or a loved one.  Where an art work is bequeathed, we would acknowledge you by name(s) in the Collection Catalogue, here on the Website Catalogue and on the label of the work when exhibited.

Donations and Bequests

Please contact the Chair of Rye Art Gallery Trust at the Gallery address.


'The Friends of Rye Art Gallery' was a separate charity but has now closed.  

At their AGM in March 2016, it was not found possible to elect a sufficient number of Committee members to be constitutionally quorate.  Friends attending the final AGM of April 2017 received a resolution, which had been constitutionally agreed by the caretaker Committee, that The Friends of Rye Art Gallery charity be dissolved with due process.

Attendees voted that the remaining funds be passed to the Rye Art Gallery Trust, ring-fenced for the refurbishment of the Studio Gallery 6.  The Trustees are most grateful for this forthcoming donation towards upgrading the historic studio of the Trust's founders, Howard and Mary Stormont.  They thank all the members of the Friends who over the years have been so supportive of the Gallery.

We have started liaising with two volunteer architects who are Gallery Supporters, to draw up plans for the refurbishment.  They have already come up with exciting suggestions and proposals.  More soon.

Preview event

Preview event

Rear elevation of the Link

Rear elevation of the Link

Gallery 6

Gallery 6

Matt Hardman, Prodigy, 2015

Matt Hardman, Prodigy, 2015

Chris Cuthbert and Alan Hale, Dreams of a Sundance Day, 1980

Chris Cuthbert and Alan Hale, Dreams of a Sundance Day, 1980

Merlyn Evans, Tragic Group, 1950

Merlyn Evans, Tragic Group, 1950