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Rudolf Schonberg

Working 1920s and 1930s

Rudolf Schonberg Drakes Yard, Tollesbury

Drakes Yard, Tollesbury


Catalogue No. Sch2

Rudolf Schonberg Sailing Ship

Sailing Ship


Catalogue No. Sch4

Also in the Collection by this artist:

Boat Scenes And Self-Portrait, 1927 - 1934


(i) Marsharm (or Maasharm?), Christmas card 1927. H 12.75 x W 9.5 cms. Signed and dedicated. Port scene with steam ship. (ii) Steamship Leaving Harbour. Christmas Card 1933 from Mons. M E Schoenberg. H 8 x 12 cms. Signed. (iii) Sailing Boats. Christmas card 1934 from Mons. M E Schoenberg. H 7.5 x W 12 cms. Signed. (iv) Tall Sailing Boats. Dedicated Christmas card 1933 (or 35?). H 5.75 x W 9.25 cms. Signed 'Coco et Dolf'. (v) 'Ex Libris R. Schonberg', Book Plate with Self Portrait. H 12 x W 8 cms. Signed on plate and in pencil. Shows figure standing on quay looking to left.

Mackechnie Bequest, 1990

Catalogue No. Sch1

Mooring Posts And Jetty

Etching. Unframed.

Dimensions: H 18 x W 14 cms


Title illegible. Four large mooring posts in foreground, jetty and harbour with two sailing barges beyond.

Mackechnie Bequest, 1990

Catalogue No. Sch5

Sea Scenes And Motifs, 1926 – 1936


(i) Mermaid Riding a Whale. Christmas Card 1926 (or 36?). H 8 x W 11.75 cms. Signed 'Dolf'.
(ii) 'Werken van R Schonberg, in Kunsthandel Ad. Donker', Exhibition Card. H 7.5 x W 9 cms. Initialled on the plate and signed 'Dolf'. Shows large ship with furled sails and other boats.
(iii) 'R. Schonberg vous invite a l'exposition de ses estampes, galerie Louis Manteau'. Exhibition Card. H 8 x W 12 cms. Initialled on the plate and signed. Shows 6 yachts in full sail.
(iv) 'Anchored Dolphin' motif. Christmas Card, 1934. H 11.75 x W 9.5 cms. Signed 'Dolf'.
(v) 'Safe Passage Across'. Christmas Card, 1936. H 9 x W 10.25 cms. Signed 'Dolf and Rie'. Shows sailing ship, 2 light-houses, 2 light-buoys and light beams.
(vi) 'Gravures & Aquarelles de R Schonberg. Galerie d'Egmont'. Exhibition Card, Brussells, 1936. H 7 x W 10 cms. Signed on the plate. Shows the artist in a boat drawing, on the stern 'Dolfun II Ry..' and in the water a dolphin.
(vii) Dolphin motif printed above letter text 'Awfully glad you are here' Imprint H 4.5 x W 3 cms. Signed 'Rie' (See signature also on (v) above.)

Mackechnie Bequest, 1990

Catalogue No. Sch3