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New Trustees needed - June 2018 application

Due to the forthcoming retirement of Michael Miller in August and Dr Fanny Baldwin in September, we are looking for 2 new trustees to take their place on the Board.

Following his period as Chair of Trustees, Michael took on the Treasurer role and it would be useful to recruit someone with financial understanding and experience. Fanny has been the nominee of the Royal Academy, as required by the Trust Deed, dealing with the Collection and ensuring our visual arts offer remains at high quality.

Applications and expressions of interest were received by the deadline of 22nd June 2018 and are being considered.

RAG Bird

Edward Twohig RE - A talk on Sir Frank Short, RA, RI, PRE

In early June we were held spellbound by Edward's knowledge and enthusiasm for the art of Sir Frank Short.

The Gallery holds 55 of Short's prints as part of the Collection and some were on display in the exhibition around us. Detailed copies of many others by Short and those who influenced him were passed around the group as Edward described what we were seeing. He gave us a wonderful mixture of information about the artist, his friends, the art world of Short's time, the many techniques used and the sheer skill and originality of Short's visual language.

Edward Twohig is first and formost a printmaker and RE but also a warm and enthusiastic speaker and teacher.

The image shows him with four works by Short in the current exhibition.

Edward Twohig RE Jun18 Lores

Discussion Meeting about Volunteering, May 2018

Many thanks to all who attended our recent Discussion Meeting and contributed so helpfully. The meeting was hosted by Chair of the Gallery, Trevor Llanwarne CB, and trustee Dr Fanny Baldwin.

Trevor updated on the recent agreement by the Charities Commission for us to reinstate Subscribers to the Gallery, who would have benefits in return for Subscriptions - more anon. He also announced that we will soon be advertising trustee vacancies due to forthcoming autumn retirements.
Fanny informed on the Events programme this year, the 2018 Stormont Awards and answered questions on Collection management.

Participants were warmly generous in sharing their areas of interest and skill and we will be responding to your expressions of help and support.

RAG Bird

Roger Staton gives a talk on the Etching Revival

Writer and researcher Roger Staton is shown here ready for the detailed and interesting talk he gave recently at the Gallery.

He has been researching the history of etching for 20 years and is the author of two books on printmakers. He runs a Twitter feed on the etching revival.

The event ran in support of our current print exhibitions in May and June - contemporary works for sale in the downstairs galleries and Collection pieces by Piranesi and Short in Studio Gallery 6.

Roger Staton Ready For Prints Talk May18 Lr

Rye Community Shop Grant for 'The Stormont Awards 2018'

The photo shows our Director, Jane Fenn, and Trustee Kate Van Der Pump, receiving a cheque from Kate Sims at the Rye Community Shop to be spent on continuing our Stormont Award Scheme for children this autumn.

You can find out about the scheme by visiting our Stormont Awards page here on the website. The scheme is especially designed to encourage the creating of two-dimensional artwork by children in our local Primary Schools. There is a full write-up and pictures from last year on the page.

We will share this year's plans with you as they unfold.

RAG Presentation Of Cheque For Stormont Awards 2018

Stables Studio Artists and the "Common Ground" Exhibition

Here are 'Stables Studio Artists' who are the four artists showing in the selling exhibition 'Common Ground' in Gallery 3 in March-April. For details see our Exhibitions and Events page.

From left to right: Anny Evason, Denise Franklin, Sarah Palmer and Sally Cole.

The photo was taken at an exhibition of their work in another venue and so we can't vouch whether the bottles are an art work or not...

Stables Studio Artists

Rye Society of Artists' Spring Show

The Opening Reception saw many artists and Gallery supporters gather to browse, enjoy and buy from the impressive range of work on show. The Society's work filled Gallery 4, the Lobby and Gallery 5 with art and craft in all manner of styles and a feast of colour - something for everyone.

These occasions are also a chance to catch up with friends - and to make new ones who have an interest in art.

The show is on until 22nd April with all works for sale - replenished where sold.

RSA Opening Mar18

The Gallery Terrace - Spring 2018

Many thanks to Gardening Volunteer, artist Davida Smith, who has been hard at work tidying up the terrace and beginning to replant our pots.

Just planted are some grape hyacinths. Lavender and other plants are to come.

Many thanks to Davida.

We await with trepidation the advent of the usual seagulls' nest on the flat roof and the resulting battery of sticks and squawks!

Grape Hyacinths

David Crew Retrospective - 'View from the Strand' - the Opening

January 20th 2018 saw the invitation Opening Party for David Crew's retrospective exhibition, now on show in Studio Gallery 6.

The Gallery was awash with friends and lenders admiring a spectacular Rye-based spread of paintings and drawings. Discovering the overlaying of images, the mixing of scale, the dissolving of inside and outside spaces set free the imagination. Viewers were able to dwell on time, space and landscape both actual and metaphoric.

The photo includes Dr Fanny Baldwin, one of the lenders, with artists Steve Duffy and Angela Delf. David is immersed in conversation!

David Crew Exh. Fanny Steve And Angela Jan18

Consultations - January 2018

To help us formulate the re-instatement of 'Subscribers', as allowed for by the Trust Deed, a questionnaire has been sent to all on our New Mailing List and they have also been invited to one of the two informal Discussion meetings to be held at the Gallery this month.

More information on our 'Support Us' page.

The pen and ink drawing of the Gallery is by Brian Hargreaves and is in our Permanent Collection.

Brian Hargreaves Rye Art Gallery